Relaxation, the foundation for success

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It's often the first question I ask when someone tells me they're feeling stuck: "When was the last time you consciously took some time to relax?" The question alone has the potential to shift someone's perspective and make them realize that the problem lies there, and therefore, so does the solution.

Relaxation, the foundation for success

It has made me realize that we have completely lost sight of the value of relaxation. We see relaxation only as a way to reward ourselves, something we only allow ourselves after we've earned it. After we've exhausted ourselves with a week full of work, taking care of the kids, our partner, sports, and a rich social life. It comes last in our already overfull agendas.

Time for ourselves is a taboo in the fast-paced world we've created.

Without relaxation, we are under constant pressure. Living in our heads, we are not ourselves anymore. We live in a constant state of stress that stops life and ourselves from flowing.

When I look at myself, I have always seen relaxation as a luxury, something that was not possible in my busy life. I did my meditation early in the morning before my kids woke up or late in the evening after we put them to bed again. In between, I planned my day so full that there was hardly any time left to breathe. It didn't fit into my schedule, and I didn't make time for it either. Now it is different.

I am fully aware of the value that relaxation has for me, and I actively make time for it. It makes me experience much more inner peace and a greater sense of clarity, control, and balance. It is in these moments of relaxation that I find the answers and solutions I was looking for, pure creativity.

We have entirely forgotten how essential relaxation is, especially when running a business. It is precisely in moments of relaxation that we find ourselves again and make contact with a much deeper source of wisdom and intelligence.

It is time for us to shift this and see relaxation for what it truly is: a foundation on which we can build our lives, full of peace, creativity, and wisdom.

The foundation for success.

This makes me imagine and dream of a world in which we all realize the value of relaxation, not only as individuals but also for our businesses. A world where we make it an essential part of our lives, work, and society. I'm convinced that this may well be the key to a world in harmony, perhaps that is still the biggest message of Covid.

What about you? When was the last time you made time to relax? Give it a try. Consciously plan a moment in which you don't have to do anything and give yourself permission to go completely into relaxation mode. No books, no screens, nothing at all. Only you in the most ultimate state of relaxation.

Be curious about what will arise out of this moment of silence. ✌

Jeroen Kaatee

Founder & Coach