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Fluffy, that's the word that comes to mind when I look at all the stuff that is being shared online around personal and spiritual growth. It touches something, but it doesn't quite do it for me.

Like life is always and forever blissful. All is well. Everything is wonderful. Just follow your heart and flow with life.

Not at all how I experienced it. And not how I want it. ūüėé

All the spiritual fluffiness

Picture by Callum Hilton from Pexels


It is clear to me that real growth goes much deeper. We grow by experiencing. Especially in the most intense and darkest periods of our lives.

Only when we are challenged do we get the best out of ourselves. And do we get familiar with the true strength that lies within all of us.

If life seems to be against us and things get hard, we learn to do things in a different way. Only then will we know what we are realy capable of.

It's no different in my life.

What started with my father's illness and death was followed by a series of challenging situations. Without any control over what came our way, we have a choice on how we respond.

We become victims of life only if we allow it too. There is always another option.

I have always had the mindset of accepting and embracing the most difficult situations. Now I look back on them with gratitude and pride. It is these experiences that have made me (and the people around me) stronger and wiser. They grew character.

I miss my father dearly, but am extremely grateful for the transformation that his illness and death has set in motion. This realisation makes him live through me forever.

It is because of these intense periods that I can now stand firm and can guide others through their most transformative processes.

Not with the tendency to save, but by giving the space and confidence to let them go through it themselves.

Embrace everything that comes your way. Dive fully in and see it as a valuable opportunity to grow and gain greater insights about yourself and life.

Find out that you are more powerful than you think.

Much more powerful.

Jeroen Kaatee

Founder & Coach